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Welcome to APE Consulting Limited

APE Consulting Limited is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and provides technically focused sales & marketing services for SME businesses. Experienced in working with organisations from local start-ups through to global corporates; APE can help your business identify new markets, define market sweet spots, formulate and execute strategic plans for success.

What We Do

Analysis. Planning. Execution.

Market penetration & technical sales success requires discipline, organisation & tenacity. If you know your product, competitors & market, and are prepared to learn about your customers, you can succeed; it simply requires Analysis, Planning & Execution.

At APE we are experienced in market research, analysis and strategic sales planning for technical products in both local & global markets, across multiple industries. We know what it takes to understand customers, their needs and identify your point of difference. We are passionate about helping businesses identify new & existing opportunities; then working with their teams to realise that potential.

It's one thing to identify a market; it's another to penetrate it. Our intimate understanding of technical sales and market development helps the business achieve that penetration. Let us help your team research, analyse and understand your market and then develop strategic sales plans for execution enabling long-term sustainable growth.

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